Wow, it’s been a really long time since I updated. I apologize for that!

I am performing next Wednesday 10/19 at 6pm with full band at Rockwood Music Hall. Here is the FB event. stunt-casting

Also here is a video of my session for a new song last week at The Creamery studio in Greenpoint, featuring the talents of Jon Smith on drums and engineering, Lenna Pierce on cello, and Zach Green on flute.


Here’s a pic of me performing at the City Reliquary in Williamsburg with Lady Liberty.14095803_10105271135359289_3852148142956722441_n.jpg

Here’s an acoustic demo of a song called ‘Stay Alive’ that I’d love to record properly.


I’m performing a solo set this Friday, 8/26/2016 at the City Reliquary in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with Ben Wigler and Tender Glue. Here is the Facebook event.
From last week, 8/17 at Rough Trade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with The Can’t Tells, No Swoon, and Makeout Club. (photos by Jeni Magana): ann and shay


Me and Shay Spence

full band


Cory Sterling, Harry Keithline, me, Shay Spence.

Here’s the FB post I posted that sums up my experience:
ann at rough trade

Here’s a pic of our show at Sofar Sounds NYC in Tribeca on Saturday, 8/20 (Photo by Aleyah Solomon).



July 27, 2016

Zac Taylor wrote a really kind recap of my EP release party on July 16 as well as a brief summary of our friendship dating back to our college days at Berklee College of Music.

After my set, I got my front row seat for Ann’s full band show which was fabulous. Her new songs jump from pop to dark satire to grunge to lush melodic rock. I knew every word to her old tunes, which I used to hear back at TT The Bear’s and Tommy Doyle’s in Cambridge seven years ago.

His website features a number of amusing, witty reflections on music culture and life as a touring musician including a recent live review of Guns ‘N’ Roses in which he waxes rhapsodic about Slash’s guitar playing (I was persuaded) and hilariously ponders Axl Rose’s likely penchant for hoagies.

His reflections on his time performing at Warped Tour with American Authors are worth reading as well; I wrote 7 years ago about that very same band, now internationally famous, playing at Warped Tour under very different circumstances and under their former name, The Blue Pages: The Blue Pages: Vans, Fans, Warped Tour, and Being the Next Berklee Band to Break Out. (Sometimes, I ain’t half bad at prognosticating).
I’m performing on August 17 with The Can’t Tells, No Swoon, and The Makeout Club so put it in your calendar! Here’s the flyer by Jon Murphy.

July 23, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.50.02 AM.png

One of my biggest intellectual heroes, David Lowery tweeted about my song. “Canary’s Corpse” was inspired in part by his tenacious, clear-eyed writings and advocacy work on behalf of songwriters and creators. Check out his blog, The Trichordist for news and commentary about the music industry and copyright in the digital age.

July 14, 2016

Billboard did a really nice piece today premiering my song ‘Canary’s Corpse’ which is a critique of ad-based business models. Check out the article here“My goal was to create a parody of the kind of music you hear in online ads which often consists of the same predictable, formulaic instrumentation: glockenspiel, ukulele, ‘cute’ female vocals, hand-claps. I wanted this song to more or less sound like the background music to a toilet paper ad.”

Here is my friend, Kelley Garrard’s illustration. Ann-bird

I am pretty touched by all of the positive feedback I received on Facebook & Twitter from friends, acquaintances, former colleagues and classmates. I feel really encouraged as I continue the process of promoting the album, which drops Saturday aka tomorrow technically and can be pre-ordered here.

If you haven’t yet, please RSVP to my party on Saturday at

July 3, 2016

Pushpins EP Release (6)

June 19, 2016

My EP, Pushpins is now available for pre-order on iTunes! Click here to begin the process of enjoying and financially supporting my music! It comes out on July 16 on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, and Spotify! Exclamation points! I’ll be delivering shows and all sorts of video/music/behind-the-scenes content to you between now and then!

My show is tonight at the Pinebox Rock Shop which is off of the Morgan L. It is my full-band debut after several interminable years of hiatus. Here is the FB event if you are so inclined!

Also, here is a photo that my friend Krystal Kay Cortez took of me yesterday during rehearsal! Orange!!!!!!! kk photo_best

June 6, 2016

Check out the flyer for my show at Pine Box Rock Shop.

pine box rock shop

Also, I’m continuing my summer tour of Bushwick, performing on July 6 at Alphaville. I’m looking forward to performing A LOT this summer, so come on out to or within Brooklyn ‘n’ see me!


May 16, 2016

Thanks to all for coming out last night to our DIY show in Bushwick! 13244198_10100568183642429_7074274760902099517_o

(Photo by Gina Cimmelli-Spence).

Ben Wigler opened the show with an incandescent, you-had-to-be-there performance, playing material by his bands, Arizona and New Beard – major inspirations of mine from high school to today – as well as material from his new a capella project, Walk Ins Welcome. Embracing the unconventional, DIY nature of the show, he projected his otherworldly falsetto sans microphone into the sky-lit room, embellishing every note of his intricate Baroque-pop melodies with theatrical gestures that conveyed the impish humor and self-confessional pathos of the lyrics. Ben was an utter delight!

Alex Gruenburg, he of Best Behavior, played next with a set of killer British Invasion-style tunes that could have placed on the Rushmore soundtrack had Alex not been around 8 year old when that film came out. The Kinks, The Creation, The Strokes. It’s all there in Alex’s refreshing combination of zippy, compact song structure; lyrics with a scruffy romantic yearning; and melodies and chord progressions that go down so smooth they deceive you into thinking that they aren’t as complex and deliberately crafted as they really are.

Then there was me, baby me. My set was: Underwater // Black Box // Kill Me // Marble Out of Man // Fiasco // Trophy Fuck // Ringmaster // I Wanna Be Your Zombie // Slow Down // Stay Alive. It was the first time I performed Marble out of Man and I’m pleased that it was received well – not that the audience was particularly demanding or skeptical…:)

Major props to literally everyone who came out, especially Kassy for the epic bleached blonde dye job she gave me (is giving me; it’s a process, ya’ll) and which made its musical debut last night + Pat and Jess for the help carrying my shit home afterwards. Props also to Daniel Feels for lending his gorgeous lil Fender Tweed Blues Jr. Man, that thing is both luscious in its tone and beastly in its punch. A beautiful little buddy, which incidentally describes the spirit of the people performing and in attendance last night.

May 12, 2016

  • My EP, Pushpins will go live on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify on July 16 and will be available for pre-order on June 19 to coincide with my show at Goldsounds.
  • The Pushpins EP release party will be on July 16 at the Creamery – a beautiful studio in Greenpoint that my friends Jeff and Quinn run. There will be a full band live performance as well as listening party. More details forthcoming!
  • My show is this Sunday, 5/15. at Hell Phone in Bushwick. Here is the Facebook and here is the flyer:

April 28, 2016

  • I’ve added 2 new shows – both in Bushwick, Brooklyn: 5/15 at Hell Phone and 6/19 at Goldsounds.
  • Yo I’m on Instagram I liken my decision to join yet another addictive and unethical (in terms of privacy and intellectual property) social media platform to the scene in Bridesmaids where Maya Rudolph resigns herself to the reality that she’s shitting in the middle of the street: “it’s happening, it’s happening…it happened.” At any rate, follow me!
  • Check out this cool promo blurb that was in the Kiel, Germany newspaper. It’s the text and photo I supplied to the venue – Hansa48 – but it’s cool because a) it’s in German and b) it was in an honest-to-God physical newspaper!
  • 20160412_225333_Richtone(HDR)(1).jpg

April 8, 2016
Here is a nice photo from my show on Wednesday, April 6 at Hansa48 in Kiel. I am playing tomorrow, Saturday April 9 at The Club in Berlin. Here is the Facebook event.


April 3, 2016
My show in Flensburg last Friday was quite a lot of fun. I’ve never experienced so much dancing at a solo show of mine! (my little Volca drum machine – a new purchase – came in handy, I think). Shout out to Nora of one million steps  for organizing and performing a beautiful set and gluckwunsch to her, Henrik and all  the welcoming people at hundert-acht. It was an honor to celebrate the space’s opening and perform for people who are so engaged and kind; their commitment to sustainable food and farming is admirable – and delicious – their home-cooked vegan buffet and array of biological colas satisfied my conscience and palate! Okay, enough kase. It was a great time and I’d perform there again in a heartbeat!

March 30, 2016
Check out the album art for my new EP, Pushpins by Shannon Orcutt. 




March 28, 2016

I’m playing at Hansa48 in Kiel, Germany on April 6 at 8:30pm. Facebook event here.
I’m also playing in Flensburg, Germany on April 1 at 7:00pm at Hundertacht.12919324_1252324101450428_130428660_o